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Attached are Word documents with detailed steps to setup and configure the demo (Big Data Twitter Demo Setup Generic.docx) and on how to walk through the demo (Big Data Twitter Demo HowTo Show Generic.docx). Also attached is an Excel 2013 Spreadsheet with an embedded PowerPivot data model and some Power View visualizations (PASSBACTwitterAnalysis.xlsx) based on the data gathered in the other pieces of the demo. Use the setup instructions to update the xlsx to show your particular keywords captured by the event driven processing. RefreshTwitterData.cmd can automate calling the Hive refresh. More information about the demo can be found here:

Demo Created By:

    Vu Le

    Andrew Moll

    Aviad Ezra (@aviade_pro)

    Brad Sarsfield (@Bradoop)

Setup / Configuration / Walkthrough steps by

    Cindy Gross (@SQLCindy |

PowerPivot / Power View design by

    Lara Rubbelke (@SQLGal |

    Robert Bruckner (

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